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Venus Metals Corporation Ltd places the health and safety of its employees and contractors above all other business considerations. Superior health and safety performance is integral to an efficient and successful company. The safety, health and welfare of employees are a fundamental aspect of efficient business practice. We strive to create a culture where safety is a core value and every individual takes responsibility for their own actions and will act to stop the unsafe actions of others.

Responsible environmental management is a key objective in all of Venus Metals endeavours. We are committed to sound environmental policies and practices and strive to continuously improve the environmental performance of our operations.

Venus Metals recognises that virtually all lands have environmental sensitivities and so we believe that implementing best environmental management procedures will reduce impacts at all stages of exploration and subsequently promote time and cost effective exploration programmes.


Principles and practices

To carry out this policy, we:

Assign responsibility and accountability to managers and supervisors for safety and health performance leading to an accident-free workplace;

Establish health and safety policies, procedures and management systems and commit adequate resources for their effective implementation;

Establish responsibility and accountability for each employee to apply safe work methods and practices and require all employees to exert positive proactive safety awareness and commitment to safety achievement by personal example in their work activities and the direction of work of others.